PFP: Passive Fireproofing Protections

Pyroproof Jackets

New Componit proposes this range of customized pillows as the most innovative passive fireproof protection system.

It’s an efficient protection system for special equipment controlling the plant; the aim is to minimize danger and damages caused by fire in refineries, petrochemical and offshore plants, power and electrical stations.

The Pyroproof range of products has been designed for an efficient fire protection of actuators, valves, control panels and other equipments.

Main features of pyroproof jackets:

  • Assembling / disassembling without the plant shut-down

  • Easy to be installed

  • Wheatherproof, UV rays, cold temperatures, salty atmosphere and chemical agents resistant

  • Custom


  • Pool Fire 120 Minutes – Chicago (USA), Underwrite Laboratories

  • Jet Fire 120 Minutes – Spadeadam Center (UK)

  • Blast Test up to 1,85 Bar – Spadeadam Center (UK)
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