Value-added chain

Our work is our passion



Sales and technical support team manage all the aspects of the pre-sales process; collecting data on field, understanding customer’s needs, developing the projects and submitting the technical and commercial proposals.



Together with the customer, New Componit solves difficult problems, which require heat reduction calculations, structural analysis, noise impact assessment, and delivers the relevant design proposals. Up-to-date technologies for technical calculation and design, combined with a deep knowledge of materials, enable reliable solutions to be developed in the short-term.



In the plant of Cirimido, New Componit manufactures its own products. We use planning and management system to monitor orders and deliver excellent results, in total compliance with our Mission. The factory adopts all the necessary safety systems to protect the workers and the environment.



We execute on-site support all over the world, thanks to our Service Team, made by our most skilled personnel. Their daily activities: installation, field support, supervision are aimed to customer’s satisfaction. The complete tracking of our products allows our Service to respond to any kind of inquiries regarding products delivered in the past and to promptly perform maintenance operations on-site.


Research & Development

Our Research & Development Department – composed of experienced professionals, motivated with curiosity for the new and better, focused on consistent innovation and improvement – is the necessary structure allowing New Componit to assist the customers, even on needs not totally expressed yet. The cooperation with renowned Research & Analysis laboratories is an additional key, on which New Componit’s ability to be on the forefront is based. The “Piperflex” compensator and "Nanotech" jacket development are relevant examples of this ability.


The Personnel

The linking element of all the value chain components is the personnel, professionally experienced, trained to specific jobs, motivated to share business targets, proud to be a part of a dynamic, stimulating organization.