Tailor-made projects for high temperature control in industrial plants

We are leaders in solving problems related to heat, noise and expansion due to temperature changes; we can boast a long experience in the technological field, and this allows us to better study your needs and how to solve them.
For more than 30 years, we have been taking our engineering expertise from Cirimido (CO) all over the world, measuring ourselves against all kinds of critical issues in plants that develop extreme temperatures and finding ever more innovative solutions.

Wherever there are high temperatures to manage, we are there!

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Our Products

Every New Componit project follows a quality path.

We have patented proprietary processes for the design, testing and installation phase of our products: an added assurance that no detail will be forgotten.

giunti di dilatazione

C’è sempre il giunto adatto, anche per le condizioni più estreme

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Protezioni Passive contro il Fuoco
Dal 2006 la prima protezione passiva flessibile certificata UL1709 in Italia

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materassini isolanti

Efficienti e sicuri, facilmente installabili e rimovibili

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Copriflange di sicurezza

Proteggi, aumenta la sicurezza e risparmia

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sistemi di pulizia acustici

Versatilità ed efficienza in primo piano
Il potere delle vibrazioni

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Today New Componit plays a role of absolute prestige in the world of plant engineering, in particular energy, transport and wherever heat develops as a result of production processes.

Environmental sustainability and the future

We want to improve our climate by promoting sustainable insulation systems with the goal of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

In industry, we need to use more and better quality insulation.

Energy saved in Europe thanks to our “Tipcheck” audits > 4,000,000 MWh

Value ofatmospheric emission reduction > 1.000.000 t CO2 eq.


What more do our products have?

We fit out an acoustic bench test to test performances of our sonic horns.


Yes, we have a test bench!

We test and analyze each product. We invest in research and development to guarantee the best solutions ever, today and tomorrow.

Why the Value chain?

We put passion and skill at the service of our customers.

We want to maximise value creation within our business. This set of activities allows us to check our competitive advantage and measure its ability to create value both against competing companies and against the cost incurred to create it.

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More values to our work

Our efforts to quality and growth is real.

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