Prosound-Jacket is a textile jacket designed with absorbing materials and with a particular acoustic barrier in order to reduce the noise due to industrial equipment.

Our aim is to reduce the noise directly at its source, by wrapping the source of noise with flexible jackets ; it is an alternative to the classic system, composed by a metallic structure placed on the floor and filled by insulating panels.

Our Prosound-Jackets are expressly designed to be easily installed, removed and replaced in order to keep easy the maintenance and the repair on the equipment.

Main characteristics:

  • They can be realized following any shape
  • Easy to install
  • They are easy and fast to uninstall and to again install during maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Resistant to bad weather

The added value of Prosound-Jacket is to supply a double solution in only one end product: acoustic and thermal insulation together in a single flexible jacket, light and perfectly adjustable to any shape.

Another essential point of view. The acoustic insulation is becoming part of those investments that a company has to necessary undertake, in order to protect the health of his employees and partners. Everybody we are exposed to different noises produced by: compressors, turbines, fans, pumps and valves…

A significant noise reduction in the plant allows :

  • General health improvement
  • Higher safety
  • Environmental protection

For more info, download our Prosound-Jacket data sheet.