The Airflex series include a wide range of insulatable textile expansion joints, for low and high temperatures, specifically designed to achieve working performance and durability never seen with other compensators.

In particular, the Airflex series include textile joints designed to work fully insulated externally, at temperatures close to 800°C.

To the same family, also belong joints designed for ventilation, suitable for working at temperatures not exceeding 150°C but with outstanding acoustic characteristics.

New Componit, well aware that large industrial plants tend more and more to outsource assembly activities, is organized with a service department composed of several teams of specialists; our team is ready to intervene promptly in every corner of the world. New Componit’s specialists are able to perform not only classic assembly activities but also complementary activities such as carpentry work, welding and the like. For example, insulated textile joints are complemented by the supply and installation of insulation outside the joint.

New Componit offers a repair and maintenance service for textile joints that allows minimizing very costly interruptions in the production of the plant.

Our worldwide service proposition:

  • Supervision
  • Assembly assistance
  • Repair service
  • Maintenance service
  • Thermographic reports
  • Engineering

Our Expansion Control System service:

  • ad hoc design with temperature study, feasibility study with possible test chamber simulation, 3D or 2D engineering
  • production with first-rate materials and state-of-the-art technology
  • installation performed by a team of experts