The Greenflex product range has been designed over the past few years to provide the market with textile, flexible solutions that would prevent the possible formation of hexavalent chromium in industrial plants.

By replacing calcium-containing insulation fabrics and/or mats with corresponding high-temperature quartz fiber-based materials, Greenflex aims to help in the prevention from hexavalent chromium and its derivatives.

Greenflex is a true product range that includes both textile expansion joints and insulation mats.

Why this choice, the dangerousness of hexavalent chromium.

Hexavalent chromium is classified as a very hazardous substance with toxic effects on the environment and serious risks to human health.

Therefore, it is vital to understand the conditions conducive to its formation. This compound is the result of a thermochemical reaction that causes chromium, contained in many metal alloys, to oxidize under certain environmental situations with calcium oxide contained in many conventional insulation materials.

This results in a compound called hexavalent chromium, which then no longer volatilizes below 800°C.

But what are the environmental conditions to pay special attention to?

  • The presence of conventional insulating materials containing calcium, sodium or potassium.
  • The achievement of operating temperatures between 300°C and 600°C.
  • The presence of metal alloys containing chromium.
  • A specific percentage of oxygen in the working environment.

Only in the event that all of these conditions are met should an imaginary alarm bell go off.

How to deal with the problem

Recognizing the presence of hexavalent chromium is critical. During insulation disassembly operations, the presence of a yellowish (or white) powder is an important indicator. In such cases, prompt action is essential:

  • disassembly operations of insulators must be carried out by properly trained personnel;
  • the result of rapid chromium tests can confirm its presence (ask us for more information);
  • in the case of a positive result, it is important to proceed with immediate remediation;
  • handling of materials contaminated with this compound should be entrusted to experienced personnel capable of safe operation;
  • contaminated materials must be disposed of properly.


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