Termo-Jacket is a textile jacket complete with an heating system and an external control unit designed and proposed by New Componit.

Termo-Jacket is a flexible system, equipped with self-regulating heating cables, which allows to keep the temperature of the insulated body up to 240°, regardless the external temperature (up to a minimum of -50°C).

Since it is designed to work in parts of plant with particularly low temperatures, it is mainly useful as antifreeze equipment. This function is strictly necessary to keep liquids in their physical state and check their viscosity ; in addition to guarantee a proper transition of thick liquids (as oils, waxes and chocolate) it is necessary to heat them in order to grant a proper storage.

Our heating jackets are suitable when the traditional trace heating system doesn’t work or it is difficult to be installed; they are safe, effective and intuitive; a real alternative to other systems more expensive, complex and non-removable.

Termo-Jacket was designed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Antifreezing
  • Temperature keeping
  • Heating

 For more info, download our Termo-Jacket data sheet.