Our goal: realize the best products in order to be the best solutions for power plants


In the rapidly changing world of energy, the mission of New Componit is to be a global and constantly innovative leader, who offers textile solutions to problems related to heat.


New Componit wants to become one of the best in class within few years.
When a customer is looking for a reliable textile joint, an efficient insulating blanket or an effective safety shield, we want him to think of us.

Core Values

Our work originates from our enthusiasm for mankind and for the surrounding environment. Our personnel shares these values.
Our employees operate with team spirit and work towards pursuing our goals of constant innovation and improvement, to create value for all our stakeholders.

We are at your side to ensure safety and competence since 1986.

We are leaders in solving problems related to heat, noise and expansion due to temperature changes; we can boast a long experience in the technological field, and this allows us to better study your needs and how to solve them.

The Company was founded in 1986 as a final result of a long and profitable collaboration with international prestigious partners. Our company mission is to provide the international energy market with specific solutions made with cutting edge materials, delivering the best possible performance. New Componit’s employees have acquired a deep knowledge on the fire and high temperature resistant materials, as well as on any issue related to noise reduction.

Today, New Componit makes textile expansion jointsinsulating and fireproofing blankets and safety shields, used in the energy production process, offering our customers turn key solutions designed to better meet their needs. Our teams carefully monitor each process step – from design to installation – in order to deliver efficient, reliable and accurate products. We promptly react to grant flexibility to our customers.

The competitiveness of the modern market requires to be always at the forefront in all aspects: from those typically related to the product to those related to the environment and the world around the company. For this reason New Componit, after the initial commitment to the search for every possible alternative to asbestos, has always been at the forefront in the research, development and use of products that ensure effectiveness in applications and, at the same time, safeguard the safety and health of people and respect for the environment.


Today New Componit plays a role of absolute prestige in the world of plant engineering, in particular energy, transport and wherever heat develops as a result of production processes. If specific experience in the sectors is the cornerstone on which New Componit’s operations are founded, the staff, managerial and operational, made up of highly qualified specialists who are motivated to achieve their objectives, is its most precious asset. Customer satisfaction is always the fundamental objective of New Componit. The most advanced technology, the most sophisticated equipment, the certified Quality System, are the tools at its disposal to ensure that everything in the company process is prepared so that the product delivered corresponds exactly to expectations.

Value-added chain

Our work is our passion


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