Always at your disposal, everywhere worldwide

360 degree services

New Componit provides a wide ranging service, from engineering to the product’s assembly, from the monitoring to the technical supervision. The service is working worldwide.


First step: understand the customer needs

Expansion joints and insulating pillows aren’t standard products but they are realized customized depending on customer requirement. New Componit offers the support needed, from drawings to every kind of analysis till the measurements on-site.

Technicians have got all the instrumentation to help customer with thermal and acoustic analysis, and our laboratory is able to reproduce and test many different situations.
The real purpose is to offer the best solution to ensure joints efficiency regarding compensation and gas tightness; as well as to ensure the best energy saving of the plant thanks to the insulation.


Working safely is a guarantee of serenity

Safety at work is a real value for the Company, the target must be that no people should be injured at work.
Work in safety is interest of New Componit and of customers, so that our security manager is always involved in every service activity in order to guarantee the best safety conditions.


3D drawings, thermal and acoustic analysis, thermography service

Our technical department processes data originating from the customer in order to offer the best solution.
If necessary, a first prototype of the product is realized and showed to the customer after being tested in our laboratory.


Installation, supervision and assembly: our purpose is to follow the customer after the delivery too

Expansion joints and insulating pillows need to be installed from highly skilled staff to guarantee their best efficiency.
New Componit has got a service team of many dedicated people ready to reach every part of the world in few time.

Our team is also able to work with carpentry, welding and complementary works.


The monitoring and maintenance service is our main business worldwide

Accidental shocks, unexpected harsh operational conditions, previous installation mistake, can cause damages to the joints or thermal insulation blankets, with consequent undesirable down time.
In some cases, repair the damaged product should be enough, avoiding so its total replacement.
New Componit offers a servicing/maintenance service which allows to minimize the expensive production plant downtime.