They are made of different types of stainless steel depending on the fluid conveyed in the pipes and the operating conditions. In the event of a leak, the aggressive fluid will be retained inside the protection; with the pressure removed, it will tend to drip harmlessly to the ground.


  • S.S. 304
  • S.S. 316 L
  • S.S. 310

Jet Fire Test

We have verified that New Componit’s metal flange covers called JETSHIELD reduce the possibility that any leakage of liquid under pressure, caused by defective flange couplings and leaking from apparatus such as flanges, valves or dampers, triggers the phenomenon known as “jet fire”.

It therefore constitutes a protection and safety system in accordance with the European regulations in force concerning safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree No. 81 of 9 April 2008).