CHEMSHILED flange covers are designed with specific technical fabrics in order to protect workers, equipment and the surrounding environment from possible splashes caused by gasket breakage.

Our technicians are able to choose the most suitable material to satisfy all your request, starting from the type of fluid conveyed in the pipes and the working temperature; finding the best solution is our priority.

We work with the most suitable material for each application: from glass fiber coated with PTFE to pure PTFE, from PVC to glass fiber coated with silicone. Some fabrics are resistant to chemicals and can be designed with different types of closure, depending on the need and/or application.

Materials of use:

  • 100% PTFE
  • Glass + PTFE (ATEX)
  • Glass + silicone
  • Intumescent glass (Jet Fire Certificate)
  • FEP
  • PVC

CHEMSHIELD flange covers can be completed with the following accessories:

  • leakage conveyor (PTFE drainage pipe)
  • leakage indicator paper

The latest addition to the range is PYROSHIELD, the safety flange cover in intumescent fabric, RINA tested and certified against JET FIRE.